IcePearls in Action



2 Responses to “IcePearls in Action”

  1. Connie Fuller Says:

    I saw the advertisement regarding almost next to a miracle treatment. Purchased and tried the application of Heat Therapy Cream to my knee for the continued pain, stiffness and diagnosis of arthritis. At first, I agreed with other comments in regards to a cooling to warming sense of relief. However, after 10 hours of the initial application, I began to experience extreme burning of the skin to which all of the cream was applied. The burning was so extreme that I could not sleep or even alllow the bedsheet to touch my knee and thad o wash the entire knee and application area with cool water and soap. This only lessened the discomfort of burning and all of the discomfort did not stop until about 24 hours after the initial application. There was no redness , blistering or swelling, just extreme burning. Has anyone experienced this type of problem before, and if so, it there anything to try to reduce it and continue to use the product. I have used various types of topical arthritis creams with multiple ingredients of menthols, capasaicin, etc. and have never experienced this effect before. Thank you,Connie

    • Hi Connie,

      Some people are more sensitive to Capsaicin than others. The burning sensation cannot hurt you, it is just the feeling of blood flowing to the area. The heating effect is intensified by water. That’s why you did not experience relief after washing the area. The best way to quell any burning is to use cooking oil. Any kind will do. Put cooking oil on a cloth or paper towel and gently wipe the area. This will stop the burning. If you are too sensitive to Capsaicin you can try MyOmega™ Menthol-based products. Visit for more information.

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