My Oh MyOmega!

IcePearls™… The secret behind MyOmega™

IcePearls™ uses novel, timed-released nanotechnology to provide sustained, long-lasting relief. MyOmega™ is the first topical pain reliever to use this technology. Each  nanosphere contains soothing, cooling ingredients. Rubbing MyOmega™ onto the skin triggers the gradual release of the nanospheres, which deliver continual soothing relief for up to 6 hours.

Revolutionary Nanosphere Technology

Each nanosphere contains a burst of our patented cooling formula. Every nanosphere has a designated release time so that you experience a constant flow of pain relief!

IcePearls™ in action!

IcePearls™ in action!

Insider tip: IcePearls™ are reactivated when rubbed or if they come into contact with water. Whether you are perspiring after a hard work-out or just want an extra kick, you can renew the cooling sensation very easily. Simply massage targeted area to trigger the release of more soothing action.*

*within 6 hours of application



2 Responses to “My Oh MyOmega!”

  1. Gary Wojton Says:

    I have knee pain from mountain trail hiking. I have tried everything on the market…and now have tried the Omega targeted pain relief but still do not have any relief. Should I be trying the heat version instead?

    • Menthol and Camphor-based formulas do not always work for everyone. The formula that works best for you will depend on the type of injury you have, your activity level, your sensitivity level, and even personal preference. Try the Heat Therapy Cream, which is Capsaicin-based. MyOmega™ Heat Therapy Cream delivers a penetrating, warming sensation. It is ideal for nighttime use, or when you plan on having a low to moderate activity level. This is because the effects of Capsaicin are enhanced when you come in contact with water, perspiration, or heat. Trying massaging Heat Therapy Cream onto your knee before bed. Many people find that their flexibility and pain level is much improved by morning. Try following with MyOmega™ Targeted Relief Spray if you decide to engage in physical activity. Good luck!

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