Another MyOmega Pain Survivor!

Grace Neeley of Pullman, MI sent us a note about her experience with MyOmega:

“I absolutely cannot be without this stuff. It is wonderful to be pain-free at last. I use MyOmega™ on my neck, elbows, hands, shoulders, lower back and knees. I can notice the difference immediately. I can even get out of bed without pain. It’s amazing! I’ve tried every product on the market. Nothing has worked. This stuff is wonderful I swear by it. I’m telling all my friends. It needs to be available in the market.”

Thank you for your feedback, Grace! MyOmega is also available at your local CVS pharmacy. If you are unable to locate it, just call 1-888-833-3387 and we will help you get on the path to pain-free living.


2 Responses to “Another MyOmega Pain Survivor!”

  1. I agree with Grace. This product should be made available to everyone. The midwest doesn’t have cvs stores. I’m from MN and don’t know of any. I got mupmega 3 in FL but would like to be able to buy it at home.

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