Advice For Those with Knee Pain

Thank you all for your feedback! Not all of our testimonials come to us through our blog. Anthony Cherubino of Delray Beach, FL was kind enough to send us this letter:

March 1st, 2009

To those people who have had the same trouble with their knees that I have:

I went to my orthopedist with pain in my knee, he examined it and said I should have an arthroscopic surgery. I did this and after a year, having the repeated pain, he said the only thing that could help would be a knee replacement. I was very upset at what he said and told him I would wait.

I looked all over and came across the medication called MyOmega Omega 3+ Heat Therapy Cream. With God’s help and my using this 2 to 3 times a day, my pain has almost gone away. I can walk very well without a cane, and even dance a little.

I hope this letter may help others who have and still go through what I did.


Anthony Cherubino

Thank you Anthony, and thanks to everyone who has shared their MyOmega success stories with us.


One Response to “Advice For Those with Knee Pain”

  1. Dyanna White Says:

    What a miracle !! I have MS … I have used a cane and often use my power wheel chair to get around for the last seven years …. but since using the Omega 3 + ice perils spray , i can walk without any assistance !! I received instant results … and I spray my legs and knees everyday . Thanks !!

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